GUN CLUB 2 - Best in Virtual Weaponry 앱 리뷰


It’s says that updates are regularly but no No NONO O


Please make it easier to put ammo in the blunderbuss! Just make like you put a bag over the barrel and you open it and put the ball’s in it


You should make a firework game

Mounted, O.P guns and mods

I rated four stars because the game is better than ever but maybe you can add classic mounted-to-bypod weapons like a better Gatling Gun. Part two of review) you should (not forcefully telling you) be letting people choose good ammunition like incendiary, explosive, etc. please add these things or at least more guns and weapons.

More guns plz

All I say is plz add more guns because I would love to have more guns to try out. I know it takes time but it’s like you guys gave up on this game. Plz add more guns as soon as you can.

Best gun app

The only reason I gave it two stars is bc it seems like you all have given up on this app. This is the best and most realistic gun app, but the new page past the Chinese weapons page, was one I was really waiting on and couldn’t wait for it to come out, now it’s not even on there which strongly disappointed me

More guns

Please update I want more guns I don’t care what you add just please more guns I love this game


Restore purchase still isn’t working

I’m confused

You took your time to update the game for iOS 11 but didn’t add at least 1 free gun cmon guys.

Longest user!!!

17 y/o now and I’ve been playing with this app since I was 12! Still love it

By Happypancakes0

I love this game so much five stars the only reason I’m giving it four is because I’ve had this game for almost two years and I keep seeing the “more guns will be put in regularly “ and there not to the developers please update this game I want more guns to try out

It's so cool but new guns piz

I had this for 5 years piz new guns

Updates on guns??

The next few pages of guns were coming soon for very long time and now I can’t even see the page, is this going to be updated soon or are you guys going to stop putting guns on this app? I absolutely love it which is why I gave it three stars and I would’ve given it more if the updates with the guns was a little more consistent (obviously I know it takes time to make this I guarantee, but consistent as in not almost a year and some change of waiting)

Can't even get on

I tried to get into the app to try it and it said that there was an update even though on the App Store it says it's up to date.

GC2 upd iOS 11

It's happening [speaking in doompaul]


good at first but then when went on again I was logged out in not even 3 seconds

Good but

It crashes on me

Best pack

The best pack is the gangster pack


When I open the app it keeps crashing fix it please


Great game. Still waiting on the new update

Good news

Great game

Fix bugs pls

The spas 12 fire mode can't switch and the mp40 won't reload pls fix


Awesome guns send the packs for free for ever to me


Your flintlock pistol reload isn't realistic smh


Evey time I open this app it force closes

Great game but it's been 3 years and not a single update

The last update was in august of 2014 and there is few bugs with the game, binary mill needs to get off there asses and make a new update, besides this it's a good game

Need mo guns

Not enough glocks and dey don't update

Update your stupid game

It won't stop crashing because you idiots won't update your games. >:(

Excellent game,I love it!I have a few ideas for the next update too!

I absolutely love this game!I always play it and love testing the guns!I have had this game for years!It would be nice if you added some more weapons too!Maybe guns from the civil war, or guns that are on battleships, or guns that the Russians used in WWII, or guns from WWI.I love the game, and for me an update like this would be super exciting for me, considering it is the app I use the most!I play it every day!

App needs to be updated

This is going to slow down my iPhone I need you to update this app immediately


every time i exited of a gun the app would force close and it is also hard to do things like pull pins on grenades or use balistic knives

Release new guns

Great app but it hasn't been updated in what feels like forever.


Good but need an update bad

I can't download it

It says that I don't have enough space to download but I have over 1 gigabyte

An pretty good game but...

When ever I use the spas 12 I can't change from pump action to semi and I I've got an iPhone 6s Plus

I am very disapointed.

While the app had a lot of wonderful features, there is one unfortunate note that cannot be overlooked. When I went to go and reinstall Gun Club 2, I checked the app for purchase restoration options to restore the All Access Pass package but none existed. I feel like Ive been robbed of $19.99 usd/store credit and thus would like my money back.

4 Years Later....

..... New pack still coming soon

Doesn't work anymore

I used to play this game a year or two ago and it was excellent, but now it just keeps crashing every time I start it up. Unless they fix the issue don't download it, it's just a waste of storage at this point in time. Pros: +nice sound +great animations +fun to mess with Cons: -extra dlc can be a bit of a wallet gouger -none of this matters if the game doesn't even work Overall this game can be great if they just fix it. 3/10 D+

The chainsaw doesn't work!!

On my iPhone 5 the chainsaw doesn't work!


I used to love this game but it crashes after 6 seconds


Loved the game, but it crashes like crazy :/

Good game but

I just got a new phone and redownloaded this app but it keeps closing after i open it but other than that it was a good game


The game is fun and you can get it

Fix it

The mp40 doesn't reload please fix it

Need help

If I bought something do I get it for free after awhile

Slow updates

This is a great game. The guns are very detailed and it runs nicely. The biggest problem is there haven't been an update for 2 years. The next slide says coming soon but soon to me is less than 3 years. Make some new guns!!!!


Hey guys at Binary Mill I love this app and I've been using it for a very long time. I've bought every gun pack and I've loved all of them. However ever since the Pacific Pack I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for a new one. I'm really hoping you guys read this and I hope you put out a new pack soon.


This app is great and I love everything about it. I just have a few suggestions that would make it even better -NEW GUNS! There hasn't been an update since I got the app over a year ago -More skins. Skins for all the guns and a lot of different options -More attachments for all the guns. For example silencer, bayonet, etc. -Fix the spas 12. I can't get it into semi automatic and it is really annoying Besides these suggestions it is a great app and I recommend it to anyone


I restored my purchases and my money was NOT refunded. Absolute waste of money. Demand a refund.

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