GUN CLUB 2 - Best in Virtual Weaponry App Reviews

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Super pour les geek de call of


No more update since june 2014... Real scam for premium buyers !

Great Update!

Thank you for the fixes! The app is now working without any problems. It is the top gun app at iTunes Store again! BR: A ultima atualização resolveu todos os problemas! Está muito bom! Recomendo.

Too small magazine button

The reload button (which is on the magazine icon) is a bit too small, but anyway its the best gun app

best Game Ever !!!!!

I love this game ?!;)


Im so hyped for the game to change and I really cant wait to get all the packs. I hope the price stays at 12.99. This is an awesome app!

Favorite app

I just bought the all acces pack and I am very exited for the new comming packs. Please hurry!

Very good

This game actually deserves 4 and a half because its really good but it wont let me buy the newest 6 pack


Since looking at the coming soon pic of what looks like ww2 naval weapons why not do tanks?

Great app

Awesome and fun just needs iPhone 5 compatibility for the larger screen

Justins review

Please add more

Is it dead?

Is it just me our did they stop updating it?

Space taken up

It says it 300 something mb I have 600 and it says i dont have enough space. Ive tryed everything and it dosent work

Interact more!

Make it so you can interact with the gun more!


UPDATE!! Please!!! Its been over 5 months!!! Update now!

Next pack?

Whens this next gun pack comin out? Its been forever! Love this app!


When is the Next update!!??!?!?!!?!???

Movie pack?

I think you should make a weapons pack that includes iconic weapons from famous movies, like the model 29 44 Magnum from dirty harry, or the sawn off 1887 from terminator two


I bought all the gun packs and when I opened the app the packs i purchased arent there Can you please help me get them back ?

Its ok

This app takes 1 gig of space so its not worth it unless you have space to spare . Outer than that its good if you want to pretend to shoot your friends.

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